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  • Nitika is only two year old. She was abandoned by her parents when she was only 3 months old. Unique Home found her on the road side and brought to rescue her.

  • Mandip was thrown in the bushes when she was only fifteen days old .We found her in a missreble condition.

  • Zenab. was left in the Unique Home cradle at the age of one year. Her eyes still search for her parents.

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bhai ghanayya ji charitable trust Unique Home

Unique Home at a glance

The woman behind the home is Prakash Kaur, who was herself left on the streets as a baby 60 years ago. Since 1993, she has dedicated her life to the noble but onerous mission of rescuing unwanted and unclaimed newborn girls and giving them a secure home and future. Today, Unique Home for Girls has 64-odd residents who call Prakash Kaur mother. "They are my own children," the lady says. "They are never made to feel like abandoned children." As we walk around the home, it is easy to see that her claim is quite well-founded. Even as her 'family' expands and her responsibilities grow, Prakash Kaur's fount of maternal compassion shows no signs of drying up. She has touched the lives of many who've been cruelly shunned by their own. Siya was only a few hours old when she was found in a drain, wrapped in a black polythene bag. Reva was a newborn when her parents decided to dump her near the highway off Kapurthala. Razia and Rabiya were just a few days old when they were discovered in the fields outside Jalandhar. These girls have all found shelter in Unique Home, where they now enjoy the real family experience that their pitiless parents chose to deprive them of simply because of their gender. The girls who live here range from the age of four days to 19 years. Unique Home is run by a trust named after Bhai Ghanayya Ji, a disciple of Guru Gobind Singh. The trust aims to raise these children as healthy individuals and arm them with all the social skills and educational qualifications that they need to face life on their own terms. The girls could not have found a better person than Prakash Kaur for the job of providing them with support and succour. Most of Unique Home's inmates arrive here as hapless, barely alive foundlings. So they have no recollections of how they are brought here. But those that have grown up in the life-affirming warmth of this home are proud that they belong here. Under Prakash Kaur's care and tutelage, these girls are all well adjusted individuals willing and able to take their rightful place in a society that still seems to harbour a strong aversion to children of their gender. Prakash Kaur is acutely aware of the challenges that lie before her, but she has faith. "Yeh uparwaale ka kaam hai. Jab ussney yeh zimmedaari di hai to himmat bhi wohi dega. Jab aaj tak mujhe koi mushkil nahin aayee to aagey bhi nahin aayegi. Neki key kaam mein kabhi koi rukawat nahin aati," she says. She is obviously getting on in years but she still retains the strength to make chapatis for all the inmates of the home three times a day and seven days a week.


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    "Girls are really precious, welcome them, they are Goddess Laxmi, coming into your house, welcome them with open arms, they are going to make diffrence to your life, a daughter is a daughter througout her life."

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  • unique home girls jalandhar on "satyamev jayate asar"

    Amir Khan brought the issue of female foeticide in the very first episode of Satyamev Jayte.He pointed out the drastic condition of gender ratio in Punjab where it is worst among all the states of India.

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  • real hero prakash kaur

    Prakash Kaur was selected Real Hero 2011 in the Children's Education category by CNN-IBN. The audience was moved when she articulated the reality of girl child in Punjab.She requested everyone by saying 'Let the Girl Child come to this world' !

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